About the Roundtable

The Roundtable will take place at the Theatre of the French Institute in Alexandria on Wednesday 11th May at 7pm.

Discussions will revolve around the issues related to art in the public space, using examples of similar projects implemented throughout the Mediterranean region.

Moderator: Ms. Renata Papsch (Austria), Program administrator at the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Dialogue between Cultures. Renata is a specialist of cultural relations and development in the Middle-East region, where she has been living and working for many years.

Speakers include:

  • Anne Le Batard (Marseilles, France). Artistic Director of French dance company Ex Nihilo, Marseilles, France
  • Selma Ouissi (Tunis, Tunisia). Selma is the co-director of Dream City event, which first edition took place in Tunis in the end of 2010. This event gathers several artists representing various fields in artistic creation, from dance to visual arts and street theatre, in many locations spread around the historical quarters of Tunis
  • Adham Hafez (Cairo, Egypt). Adham founded Haraka project in Cairo, and leads several projects in the field of contemporary dance and research, in Egypt and abroad
  • Frederic Gies (Berlin, Germany). Frederic is a French choreographer based in Berlin
  • Mohamed Shafik (Cairo, Egypt)
  • Mohamed Fouad (Alexandria – Cairo, Egypt)
  • Shaymaa Shoukry (Cairo, Egypt)

Discussions will be held in French language, with Arabic simultaneous translation.