For more than a year, the Moutawassat project took up residence in
Alexandria. This project relies on a simple idea: that of connecting artists
with various locations, situations, and Mediterranean environments.

Because raising the question of the Mediterranean, the way in which it is
part of ourselves, the way it appeals to us, what it tells us and what it tells
from us, should not only be left to the institutional speech. The artists must
also put their sensible point of view forward about this geographical and
political space which is at the centre of many debates.

With the close collaboration of Rézodanse Egypte, Agora for Arts and Culture,
the French Institute in Egypte and the Goethe Institute in Alexandria, the
project took the shape of a dance event within the urban space, entitled
Nassim el Raqs, which will take place each year around spring time.
The Alexandrian artists started to take over the public space some months
ago. Events in the public space mushroomed in different areas of the city,
despite the constraints, and managed to develop. Then, the Alexandrian
citizens themselves took over the streets in January, and filled them with
their voices, their desires and their strength.

Although it seemed necessary, both on an artistic and political point of view, to think in organising such an event in the public space, raising questions
about the artists, the city, and their mutual relationship, this necessity is
nowadays even stronger, in view of the recent events Egypt went through.
It is now time for the artists to take over the heart of the city, in order to
allow spaces of creation and of expression to exist within it.

Emilie PETIT
Initiator of Moutawassat project and of Nassim el Raqs event

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