Between 2nd and 13th May 2011

public opening 13th May at 7pm
Shaymaa Shoukry / Bahary Beach
An artistically sensitive dialogue between the dancers, the sea, the boats and a sound-and-light installation.

About the artist

Shaymaa Shoukry is a young Egyptian dancer and choreographer. Following an extensive training in contemporary dance and several workshops she took part in many projects in Egypt and abroad, including the Miniature project in Marseilles in 2010, an artistic residency in the framework of the Dancing on the Edge international festival in the Netherlands last year, and a participation in the 2B Continued festival in Cairo in January 2011. Besides her career in dance, Shaymaa shows many other talents as an artist, with several participations in cinema and theatre projects, as well as in exhibitions, as a visual artist. She continues to draw on that experience in her work as a choreographer. Her dance pieces are therefore not only considered from the mere point of view of the dancer, but also as comprehensive pieces of art with strong staging and visual elements.