« Nassim el Raqs »  initiates specific research and creation situations, resulting in interventions rather than in performances. Indeed, the choreographers, dancers and artists are invited to immerse themselves in the city, during a two-weeks residency, in order to interact with the city and to take inspiration from their surrounding environment to put in place choreographic or performative artistic forms.

The 4 choreographers involved, coming from Egypt and abroad, will be invited to take over 4 outdoor locations throughout the city, and to give their own vision of our own environment.

Our approach, in «Nassim el raqs», is to take over the public space and to experiment in it, because we think it is urgent that the city, the public space and more generally the Mediterranean to which they belong, all become a source of and an inspiration for sensible and artistic productions. This process can take place by raising questions stemming from the artistic experience, the bodies in movement, the interaction of disciplines and ideas, going beyond the political and theoretical speeches.» Emilie Petit