Documentary film

Besides the four artistic residencies, the organisers of Nassim el Raqs have asked Mark Lotfy, an Alexandrian born film director, to follow the path of each of the artists throughout the whole duration of the project. The outcome of the film shootings will be presented later on, in the form of a 20 minutes documentary which will focuse on the relationship between each artist and the location he or she is working in.

About the artist

Egyptian producer and film director , after a BSC. in engineering -Alexandria University, he studied Film-making through a workshop organised by “Semat” company for 2 years. He subsequently directed his first short film (Minerva) . He is the owner and manager of “Fig Leaf Studios” in Alexandria, Egypt. The studio helped out independent cinema movement in the city by supporting artists and filmmakers with equipments and technical assistance. Through the studio he made many short fiction films and documentaries as a producer and director as well.