4 choreographers / 4 locations / 4 artistic moments

The Eastern Harbour and the locations - Drawing by Emilie Petit

between 3rd and 12th May                                                                                                  Public opening 12th May at 7pm                                                                                              Frédéric Gies / Garden of Café Baudrot, 23 Boulevard Saad Zaghloul                  A proposal supported by the French Institute in Egypt and the Goethe Institute in Alexandria.
An international proposal in this unique blissful place hidden in the heart of Alexandria on one of its busiest streets.


between 25th April and 12th May
public opening 12th May at 9pm
Mohamed Fouad / Cinema Rio Rooftop
An intimistic location, overlooking the surrounding area, as one can find in a typical Mediterranean city.


between 2nd and 13th May
public opening 13th May at 7pm
Shaymaa Shoukry / Bahary beach (in front of Abou el Abbas Mosque)
An artistically sensible dialogue between the dancers, the sea, the boats and a sound-and-light installation.


between 2nd and 13th May
public opening 13th May at 9pm
Mohamed Shafik / Anfoushi shipyard
With the participation of Anfoushi’s fishermen.
Re-build, repair, gather together scattered pieces in order to reinvent new shapes, starting from a world which is desincarnated, deconstructed, and with no illusions.