The project

Elements for a high impact

A round table gathering cultural operator from both sides of the Mediterranean will address the issue of performing arts in the public space. Euro-Mediterranean cultural
operators will be invited to share their experience in similar projects that have taken place in the region. The presentations will lead to open discussions and debates with the audience.

A documentary film will be made and screened in order to promote the concepts and principles guiding the project.

Opportunities for artistic exchange between the different artists involved in the project will be encouraged, through a series of workshops in which all of the Egyptian and international members of the project will be invited to take part


About the audience

A project that occupies public space in Alexandria needs at the same time to raise the
question of different audiences.

« Nassim El Raqs » invites the Egyptian population to follow a poetic pathway through the city, covered by 4 artistic choreographic proposals in public locations known to everyone to discover them in new ways.

The residencies and the performances will reach mainly what could be called the «circumstantial public »: that is the local residents, people who work in the area, passers-by, who may or may not be aware of this type of intervention. For this public to be informed (if they so wish) of what is offered, the coordinating team backed by its partners, will endeavour to provide communication and information tools to allow immediate and spontaneous exchanges and discussions.

This heightening of awareness and the relationship with the public will be sort out and
built-up throughout the project.

To extend the discussion and take it even further, the screening of the documentary film
and the round table could lead to other opportunities for exchanges.

An awareness campaign directed towards high-school students will also contribute to
explain the aims of the project and the issues related to the concept of art in the public
space to young people, in a way to develop a new audience for the future.